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Has Israel Taken Out Hizballah Leader?

In curently breaking news, FOX News is reporting that Israel may have killed Hizballah leader Hassam Nasrallah in an airstrike on the Hizballah headquarters building in the southern end of Beirut.

The reports are unconfirmed and developing at current, but Israeli intelligence believed Nasrallah to be in the building at the time of the strike, likely the initiating factor if so.

If Nasrallah was indeed in the building, regardless of death or survival, this marks the first departure from the Gaza model that also included the kidnapping of an IDF soldier, initial Israeli airstrikes and the destruction of Hamas buildings (including the PA Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of the Interior).

Unlike Nasrallah's Gaza-based Hamas peers who vacated the buildings and went underground, Nasrallah inexplicably may have chosen to boldly remain at his known post.

Whether born of boldness, confidence, arrogance or doubt of Israeli resolve, it may prove to be a mistake that cost him his life and seriously damaged his own terrorist organization.

Israel clearly means business.