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Guitta's Missed Facts on Lebanon Conflict

Olivier Guitta offers more important missed facts on the Hezbollah/Iran/Syria-Israel war, including how Syria maintains a presence via Lebanese appointments, the three month planning of the Hizballah abduction operation, and perhaps most significantly, the following:

But the Arabic version of the piece is, as usual, much more detailed: the 200 Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been stationed in Lebanon since 1990. They have married Shia Lebanese women, mostly "Hezbollah widows" and have changed their names to Lebanese names. They installed over twenty fixed rocket bases in the Bekaa Valley and provided Hezbollah with mobile bases to launch rockets. Furthermore a secret elite force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard composed of about twenty men is watching the Israel Defense Forces' every move with very sophisticated high-tech material and then deciding on the targets to hit inside Israel.

5- Hezbollah is purposefully using Christian, Sunni and Druze villages to fire rockets at Israel. In fact, they count on Israel retaliating in these places, killing non-Shia civilians who then in turn might become hostile to Israel and side with Hezbollah.

Again, the use of civilians as shields and sacrificial propaganda tools, post-mortem. Now, in addition to embedding themselves among their own civilian population (Hizballah's Shia in the south), but now clearly look to sacrifice their Christian, Sunni and Druze Lebanese internal competitors. This clearly defines the line of moral demarcation between us and our Islamist terrorist enemies.