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Fallen British Muslim Soldier Defamed

As a contrast to an earlier RapidRecon entry (7% of British Muslims Support More Bombings), is this story of a British Muslim soldier who gave his life serving his country in the British Army's Intelligence Corps. 24-year old Lance Corporal Jabron Hashmi was killed in the Helmand province of Afghanistan alongside fellow Brit, Corporal Peter Thorpe.

LCpl Hashmi was clearly not part of the 7% of British Muslims who support further attacks in Britain. For this, a terrorist website labeled him a terrorist. Even other British Muslims defamed the fallen.

In Birmingham, near the Hashmi family's home in Bordesley Green, some young Muslim men also spoke out.

"I don't see how any Muslim can be in the British army, not with all the **** that's happening in Muslim countries. It doesn't make sense. It's not right. There's no space for Muslims in the army," said a 25-year-old who would only give his name as Saleem. "Of course it's a tragedy and I feel for them [his family]. But what was he doing over there? He was an Asian dude fighting a white man's war. Basically, we can't be like the goreh [white people] and they can't be like us."

There is plenty of room for Muslims in the army. What there is no room for in the army is those who hate their host country. Those like Saleem will never assimilate and become British. Certainly there are Brits who would kindly invite Saleem (and those like him) to repatriate to where he can be like other 'Asian dudes'. He clearly has no love for Britain or its goreh.

LCpl Hashmi was clearly a cut above.

Godspeed, LCpl Hashmi and Cpl Thorpe, from a grateful nation across the pond.