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Citizens of Hizballistan

Virtue or fault, I watch very little broadcast/cable news. However, about three days per week, 4 minutes or so will be watched in the early morning while inhaling some semblance of a breakfast before work. This morning was an on the ground report from Bint Jbail, most likely from Fox News, noting the absolute decimation of the village.

First to mind was a recollection of Israeli pamphlets dropped incessantly warning residents all over south Lebanon to head north of the Litani River.

What the scene showed was astonishing to these eyes. After the leaflets, after Qana, and hours after the IDF pulled back to their side of the border and left the rubble behind, mothers were walking up the streets and back into town - with their children in tow.

Women bringing their children back to Bint Jbail. Again, one day after Qana. Hours removed from fighting in the same town.

Maybe it's just me, but that stopped me in my tracks thinking what I would be doing with my own children...and watching other parents bringing theirs back.

Speaking of Qana, there appear to be at least some inconsistencies regarding the Qana site recovery, most compelling being the apparent unnatural rapid onset of rigor mortis.


I am glad I stumbled on this, I too find this interesting. If you read any history books, a good one is "Marine! The life of Chesty Puller" Anywho, in this book Puller was (I can't remember now) either in Nicaragua or Haiti, but a town was destroyed by a storm and every one fled the city and didn't want anythign to do about it. They just left their city in ruins. Chesty observed this, then says that the same will happen one day if an American city is bombed. So this gets you thinking what would we do? You could say we would stay because we did with the WTC's but what if a whole city was devestated?

Well, for me, simply ruins would likely not keep me out.

But the prosect of more warfighting in the same border town...with my children in tow...that is a danger altogether different.

Can you say "Stuck on Stupid?"

Where do the parenting genes reside for mothers bringing kids to a war zone rather than from it?