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Bullies, Milk Money and a Change of Course

The headline from Haaretz reads "Ahmadinejad: Israel would not dare to move against Iran". Up to this point, perhaps Ahmadinejad is the only leader to offer a position free of unambiguous couching and nuance. Even the Israeli leadership, until now, had managed to send mixed signals. But Ahmadinejad can be trusted to be clear.

"The Zionist regime does not dare to cast a look with bad intentions at Iran," the president was quoted as saying by state television.

That Ahmadinejad ("...wiped off the map...") and his mullah superiors in the Guardian Council do precisely that to Israel on a regular basis is simply a matter of course. That's what bullies do.

Israel now exudes the same clarity offered by Ahmadinejad, undaunted by world opinion and resolved to smash those who continue to fire rockets indiscriminately into its cities, clearly with civilians as the primary target and terror as the primary aim.

Hizballah is and has always been Iran’s surrogate army, intended to wage war on Israel in their stead. Israel has clearly decided to tell the bully and his cheerleaders that it intends to keep its milk money today.