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A Window of Opportunity in the War on Terror

While so many clamor for a cease-fire and the de facto preservation of Iran's Hizballah terror proxies, Michael Ledeen recognizes this as A Window of Opportunity:

And so they struck, first in Gaza, then in northern Israel, and, as always, in Iraq and Afghanistan and India. They imagined, just as Osama had prophesied five years earlier (almost to the Muslim day; according to their calendar Wednesday the 19th was the anniversary of our 9/11), that the regional assault would bring our allies and us to our knees. We would lose our will to fight, and abandon the battlefield to the army of Allah, and Hamas, and Moqtada, and the Badr brigades, and all the others.

It’s the same misunderestimation as before, for tyrants have always been unable to imagine the remarkable ability of free people to respond to challenge, and to organize quickly, voluntarily, and effectively to fight their enemies. Hizballah now risks rout, and Assad, sensing his peril, is whispering promises of betrayal in order to ensure his own survival. The Iranians still threaten Armageddon, but, so far at least, have been unable to demonstrate the capacity to provoke it....

When dealing with the epicenter of global terrorism, letting up just as the beast shows signs of squirming defies the logic of victory.

...Now is the time to tell our soldiers in Iraq that “hot pursuit” is okay, that the terrorist training camps on both sides of Iraq are legitimate targets, to be attacked in self-defense. Now is the time to tell the Iraqi government to come forward with the abundant evidence of Iranian evil-doing, and that we will support a fight against the mullahs’ foot soldiers in Iraq. These actions will signal the next stage of the war against the terror masters, which is the vigorous support of the pro-democracy forces in Syria and Iran...

It is a wondrous window of opportunity. As so often in our history, it was opened by our enemies. Let’s go for it.

Now, please. It may not open again for quite a while.

It is a war neither declared nor started by us, executed at the initiative of the Islamist terrorists. We cannot continue to ignore the terror masters and refuse to annihilate their Hizballah terror machine. Enacting a cease-fire and ignoring Iran is to force Israel and the entire West to accept the wolf's menacing bite today, only to wake up another more frightful day with the wolf consuming its prey.