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7% of British Muslims Support More Bombings

On the heels of the first anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings, a British Times poll of Muslims in Britain indicated that 16% of British Muslims saw "a just cause" in the 7/7 bombers' motivations. Further, 13% view the bombers as martyrs and 7% of British Muslims see justification for more bombings in Britain. (See: Muslim Britain split over 'martyrs' of 7/7.)

Populus interviewed 1,131 Muslim adults aged 18+ by telephone and online between June 1-16 for the poll.

Charlie at OPFOR is astonished by the percentages and asks, "How can you be a citizen of a nation, and support attacks against it in any fashion?"

But take it a step further and look at the raw numbers.

BBC News puts the estimate of the number of Muslims in Britain at 1.5 million and cites that "some community groups suggest it could be nearer two million." (The Times clearly uses a much smaller estimate of the number of Muslims in Britain. We will use more conservative of the BBC's numbers here, 1.5 million.)

Extrapolating the numbers, the poll indicates that, regarding the 7/7 London Bombings that killed 52 civilians, potentially:

240,000 British Muslims see "a just cause."

195,000 British Muslims view the bombers as martyrs.

105,000 British Muslims justify more bombings in Britain.

Charlie said before, "Scary stuff…"

Indeed, and even more scary when you get beyond the percentages.

Potentially 105,000 British Muslims justify more bombings in Britain.

It took 19 to turn a sunny September day into an event that would change the course of history.