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48-Hours of the Condor

At OPFOR, John Noonan makes some good observations about why Israel decided to give a 48-hour reprieve from all-out aerial attacks on Hizballah targets.

Not that Hizballah (et al) need concern themselves with the Geneva Convention, but John's observation in regards to how the 48-window relates to Qana likely hits the nail squarely on the head.

Critical that the incident in Qana appear isolated and accidental, despite the fact that the Law of Armed Conflict and Geneva Convention place blame for the incident squarely on Hezbollah's shoulders. This move on Israel's part is as much of a language as it is a strategy, and the message to the Lebanese people is: "if you see Hezbollah fighters in your backyard, get out of Dodge. You've got two days."

...preferably to the north, for whatever that's worth.