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The PLA's Asian Peace Offensive

There is an interesting article in Jamestown's latest China Brief by Martin Andrew. The opening paragraph to The PLA's New Calculus for Force Posture should sufficiently pique enough interest to cause the reader to digest the entire article.

“All warfare is based on deception,” Sun Tzu declared. Historically, China has faithfully adopted this maxim by launching a diplomatic offensive prior to military action either to deceive other countries of its true intentions or to justify its actions. Chinese Defense Minister and Vice Chairman of the Central Military Command (CMC) General Cao Gangchun’s visit to five Asian states this past April is a case in point. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is going on a peace offensive in order to disguise its subtle change from a defensive force to one that is overtly offensive.

It's unlikely that it is now necessary to say "Read the whole thing."