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The Men We Send

Capt. B is a Marine's Marine. Tall, strong and intelligent with a relaxed gait borne of confidence. He is one of 'the men we send' though he would surely argue that he is, rather, one of the men who go and do. His blog is worth repeated visits, and it is there at One Marine's View where can be found a letter from an Air Force Colonel, serving as a surgeon in Iraq and speaking of the men we send, his brothers in arms.

I asked a Marine Lance Corporal if there was anything I could get him as I was making rounds one morning. He was an above the knee amputation after an IED blast, and he surprised me when he asked for a trigonometry book. "You enjoy math do you?"

He replied, "Not particularly, Sir. I was never good at it, but I need to get good at it, now."

"Are you planning on going back to school?" I asked. "No sir, I am planning on shooting artillery. I will slow an infantry platoon down with just one good leg, but I am going to get good at math and learn how to shoot artillery". I hope he does.

And many think that our nation's future is in the hands of a so-called MTV Generation. The squeaky wheels may get the oil of publicity and coverage, the well oiled are doing the nation's bidding with little fanfare.

Leaders are being chiseled in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a few short years' time, they will be guiding all manner of endeavors in American society with the leadership skills developed in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, thanks to the core principles that guided them there to begin with.

In twenty-plus years, the American President will have ascended from a sergeant's or a captain's dusty boots of those theaters.