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The Intelligence and Deals Behind 'The Strike'

There is more behind the Zarqawi strike than meets the eye, and Judith Klinghoffer summarizes some of the details well at the History News Network.

The successful targeted assassination of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was clearly part of a larger package deal between PM Maliki and the Sunni leadership. It included an agreement to release 2000 "detainees" and the long awaited completion of the cabinet, most especially the installation of a Sunni as defense minister. Thus, Maliki appointed Shiite Jawad Polani as interior minister, Sunni Abdel Qader Al Obeidi as defense minister and Shiite Shirwan Al Waili to head national security. It was that agreement which secured the cooperation of Jordanian intelligence and the Hilmi locals and provided the US special forces with the intelligence needed to function effectively.

So what? So plenty...

...It is important to note that killed along with Zarqawi was his spiritual leader Abdul-Rahman and that "17 more raids were conducted on other suspected hideouts for Zarqawi associates in Baghdad and its outskirts a few hours after he was killed. They produced a 'treasure trove' of information."

Go read.