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Somali Cleric Declares War on Infidels

African News Dimension reports of a radio broadcast in Somalia by the Islamic courts' Sheikh Nur Barud.

Mogadishu's most senior Muslim cleric, Sheikh Nur Barud, called on Somalis to crush secular resistance to the imposition of Sharia law, and to reject warlord efforts to gain support by appealing to clan and tribal loyalties.

“All Somalis must defend the Islamic courts because this is not about inter-clan fighting, but about war with the infidels," he said in an address aired by local radio stations.

"We are against those who want to make this war appear like inter-clan fighting," Barud said.

"This fighting is between those who support Islam, and godless invaders and those who support them."

Barud referred to the ARPCT and the United States, which has provided financial and intelligence support to the warlords to track down Islamic extremists, including suspected Al Qaeda members.

As an aside, it should be noted more regularly that, while there is such a cry against the West's supposed 'War against Islam', there seems no such reservation by those same individuals as they openly declare war against 'infidels'.