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On Calls for Israeli Restraint

In an unsigned Los Angeles Times editorial titled "Use restraint, Israel," the newspaper blames Israel for escalating violence and calls for them to stop antagonizing the situation.

Once again, escalating violence threatens to derail any hope of a breakthrough between Israelis and Palestinians. It is a depressingly familiar theme in a depressingly familiar struggle, prompting a depressingly familiar response: These latest horrors should not be allowed to affect the prospects for peace.

Precisely who is escalating the violence? Surely the LA Times editors are on top of the situation on the ground in Gaza, and can note that, at the time this opinion was being written, al-Jazeera was reporting that more than 48 hours into the Israeli incursion (and apparently what the LA Times considers 'escalation'), not a drop of Palestinian blood had been shed.

Despite the size of the Israeli operation, with large troop movements, artillery barrages and many air strikes over two days, no one was hurt. [Emphasis added.]

The same can not be said of Hamas and their various actors, as the 18 year old Israeli citizen Eliahu Asheri was kidnapped, executed and his body burned in the West Bank.

The escalation that the LA Times misappropriates responsibility for comes directly from Damascus and Tehran. As noted in today's PrincipalAnalysis, Persian Whispers of Escalation in Meshaal’s Ears, the escalation occurred before the Israeli incursion and, in fact, caused it.

Though not as visible and as easy to report as a flight of IAF jets, the escalation has already existed - through both Hizballah and Meshaal - in the form of Syrian and Iranian direction. Through Syrian and Iranian command, cooperation, coordination, funding, training, and arming, Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups are currently fighting their sponsors’ war.

More executed Israeli civilians dumped on the streets of the West Bank and Gaza and this bloodless limited incursion will take on a whole new face.

It is indeed far too easy to count tanks, planes and troops and readily assign agressor status to the visible. It is also inaccurate.

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Ah, yes, that ol' cycle of violence thing. I guess the LAT failed to notice that Palestinians have been launching rockets into Israel from Gaza for quite some time. But Israel is guilty because, to paraphrase a classic juvenile excuse, Israel struck back first.