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Jordan to Israel: Stay Put

As has ben discussed before, Jordan clearly fears an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, knowing that the security vacuum created would dwarf the effects seen in Gaza and create a terrorist haven on their doorstep. Consider this morning's Reuters headline: Jordan says Israel's W. Bank moves could harm ties.

JERUSALEM, June 7 (Reuters) - Jordan's ties with Israel could be harmed if the Jewish state reshapes the occupied West Bank without Palestinian agreement, King Abdullah said in an interview published on Wednesday. ...

"Our ability to improve relations between us and Israel could be harmed by any unilateral action," Abdullah told the mass-circulation Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

Translation: "Find a way to keep talking somehow, but whatever you do, do not pack up and pull back."

Jordan has far less interest in precisely where Israel chooses to draw their border 'unilaterally', for they know it will be miles west of the Jordan River, which is Abdullah's border. If Israel were to technically draw their border on some map (anywhere they choose) and leave their troops in place, these remarks would not be heard from King Abdullah.

This is not to be critical of Abdullah at all. From a Jordanian security perspective, he's absolutely correct and should always be regarded by the West as one of the most crucial allies in the War on Terror. Period.