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Islamic Terror and the Caribbean Connection

With the recent arrest of the terror plotters in Miami, yet another set of would-be Jihadis displays links to the Caribbean, be it Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad-Tobago or elsewhere in the West Indies. With the perspective of someone who once lived and worked in Jamaica, David Paulin at The Big Carnival takes a closer look and wonders if The Caribbean is a playground for Jihad.

Could these anti-Western and anti-American pathologies explain the Caribbean’s ties to recent terrorism cases? It’s a possibility. Radical Islam, after all, attracts those who already seethe with grievances against America and the West. Ideology, not poverty, motivates young jihadis.

Before discussing the region’s pathologies in more detail, consider the four other Caribbean links to terror plots – all involving Jamaica to varying degrees:

He continues on to not only take a look at the interdicted groups and individuals who originated from the region, but also takes a look at the charged anti-American political environment and social fabric that may hold some sway and influence in the captured men's psyches that contributes to a ready conversion to radical Islam.

Few have noted the Caribbean trend of the West's Islamic terror cells. David Paulin's article openly speculating at possibilities that may help explain this is worth consideration.

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Also, there was this article from the Jamestown Foundation last October.