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Iran Was to 'Meddle' in al-Qaeda Kidnapping?

Still in the process of catching up, missed was this RIA Novosti report on Iran's statement that they were "prepared to assist in releasing four Russian diplomats abducted in the Iraqi capital." Thankfully, Gary Metz did not at Regime Change Iran.

First and foremost, it is touching that Iran decided to declare that they were 'prepared to assist' in gaining the Russians' release on the same day (June 25) that a video was later released showing their decapitation.

The (partial) text of the RIA Novosti report, purely for dissection purposes:

Russian diplomat Vitaly Titov was killed during the attack on an embassy car in the capital of Iraq on June 3. The kidnappers seized Fyodor Zaitsev, third secretary of the embassy, and also diplomats Rinat Agliulin, Anatoly Smirnov and Oleg Fedoseyev.

Asefi said Iran was denouncing the kidnapping of the Russian diplomats in Iraq.

NOTE: Interesting. They were kidnapped on June 3rd. On June 25, Iran announces that they are 'denouncing' the kidnapping. Current tense. Three weeks after the event.

According to Asefi, if the Russian side applies to Iran with a respective request, the Islamic Republic is prepared to meddle into the situation and take steps, as far as its possibilities can allow it, to release the Russian diplomats.

NOTE: Again, interesting. ..."as far as [Iran's] possibilities can allow it" to negotiate/talk/influence al-Qaeda. Why not start with the al-Qaeda members currently being harbored in northern Iran? That seems to be a fairly productive 'possibility.'

Asefi said there was a large number of extremist and terrorist groups operating in Iraq, and the U.S. presence in that country had not helped stabilize the situation.

NOTE: Even more interesting. What has also not 'helped stabilize the situation' is the Iranian support for those terrorist groups in Iraq, including shaped charges supplied for more deadly roadside bombs and human resources 'donated' to the southern areas of Iraq, principally Basra.

Of course, Gary sums it up properly by noting that "Iran is admitting that it has influence over Al Qaeda's insurgents in Iraq."