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Hamas Interior Minister Saeed Seyam an IDF Target

Israel has launched a missile attack on the Gaza offices of the Hamas-led Ministry of the Interior. The top floor of the building is ablaze.

gazainteriorstrike.jpgThere is a very significant reason the Interior Ministry was attacked. It is home to the offices of Saeed Seyam, who was appointed by Hamas to lead Interior. Upon his inauguration into office, the Hamas terrorist vowwed to protect other terrorists as one of his principal duties as Interior Minister. He had said, “The day will never come when any Palestinian would be arrested because of his political affiliation or because of resisting the occupation.”

He went on further to state his mission, speaking in the third-person. “Saeed Seyam did not come to the government to revive any security cooperation or to protect the occupation and their settlers. I came to protect our people and their fighters, to protect their trees, their properties and their capabilities.”

His specific targetting by Israel is only logical. The only curious aspect is that the strike happened days after the incursion began and not sooner.