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Did Suspects Escape Somalia War?

Canada's National Post posits, After escaping war in Somalia, terror suspects grew up in Toronto. But did they escape war or simply bring it with them?

"Yasin (is) very religious. Every day he prays," his mother, Asha Muhayadin, said, pointing to the holy book she said her son read every morning.

Mohamed would admonish his siblings for not praying more often, she recalled. "He told his brothers, `You wake up, you never say thanks to God. Are you animals?"'

"My brother's a broad-minded guy that had goals for his future," Abdul said. He was never violent, he added. "He's never stabbed, shot anybody. From that to plotting on killing people, that's insane. It must be because of his last name."

Perhaps it was his involvement with 3 metric tonnes of ammonium nitrate along with target lists and plans to destroy them and all within its blast circumference?