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Catching Up

Last week was a very light week at ThreatsWatch. It was not, clearly, a light week for security events. With developments unfolding in Iran, in the Arab-Israeli conflict and even here at home in Miami, I found myself purposefully disconnected and am in the process of catching up after a week with my family on vacation. The relatively undistracted time spent with them was a drop in the bucket compared to what I still owe them.

Apologies for the interruption in coverage. We'll be back up to speed in short order, likely through a relatively high volume of InBrief and RapidRecon entries beginning later today.

For now, in an intersting read, Bruce Kesler says that he doesn't want to be a Military Blogger and explains why in a column today at The Examiner.

Many of those MilBloggers he speaks of can be found contributing at MilBlogs, and many of them are likely just as reluctant as he but also press on out of necessity.