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al-Qaeda's New Somali Safe Haven

Walid Phares assures any who may wonder that, in Somalia, the "Mahakem al Islamiya" are connected to al-Qaeda.

The UIT, or "Ittihad al mahakem al Islamiya" is not just another Muslim militia in Somalia, as al jazeera is attempting to project, so that Western media would follow. The "Mahakem" (tribunals), although initially supported by some tribes are now a structured Islamist-Jihadist militia, fully controlled by the Salafi-Imams of the area. Former members of the "Mahakem" are revealing that behind this force, the hands of al Qaida (East Africa) are omnipresent. The former members said the prime objective of this organized force is to assert its power in the capital first.

Without doubt, as Dr. Phares says in conclusion, "a new 'front' is now open in the Horn of Africa."