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A Canadian Challenges Canada

Rosie DiManno challenges her fellow Canadians to Take a good, hard look at what's going on here.

For everyone who thought Canada could cower in a corner of the planet, unnoticed and unthreatened by evil men — even when the most menacing of a very bad lot has twice referenced this country as a target for attack — take a good, hard look at what's been presented and what's being alleged.

In a column that should be read in it's entirety, DiManno spells it out succinctly in the end.

Historically, there has been hardly any identifiable group that hasn't believed itself ethnically or religiously or politically targeted for what it is.

But modern global jihad is a different animal. It is tearing the world apart. It is picking the fight. It is devouring its own adherents.

It's killing us.

If not in this alleged plot, in Toronto, then by another misbegotten cabal, on another ordinary day, and you know who'll be blamed.