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Torture in Tehran

We missed this from Michael Ledeen on Saturday (thankfully, Regime Change Iran did not).

Clearly seen in this video of Masour Osanlo are the fruits of his torture at the hands of the Iranian regimes. Osanlo was the leader of the bus drivers that went on strike recently in Tehran. Somehow, the habit of torture upon its own citizens just never seems to figure prominently into the admonitions handed the Iranians by the international community.

Ledeen's frustration is clear...and it is shared.

But it seems otherwise impossible to convince Western leaders that we are confronting a monstrous evil, that seeks to destroy or dominate us by all possible means. The sort of horror you see on this video is repeated every day, sometimes leading to execution, sometimes to further sadism.

Secretary Rice: do you really believe you can negotiate with such people? Can it be right to curry favor with the European appeasers for the price of the systematic torture and murder of those Iranians who seek freedom?

President Bush: why have you not instructed your people to give vigorous support to the Iranian democratic opposition? what on earth are you waiting for?

Finally it seemed America had woken up - decades late - to finally support democratic change in Iran from within with President Bush's call for $75M to fund various mechanisms of support for them. Perhaps it should have been clearer when the President accepted a whittled-down ~$50M package?

What are we waiting for? These are not calls for airstrikes.