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Stay The Course

Many have already read the al-Qaeda in Iraq memo at Captain's Quarters, as Ed Morrisey has an outstanding post exploring the translation. For me (surely not alone), the most salient bit from the entire translation is the following:

At the same time, the Americans and the Government were able to absorb our painful blows, sustain them, compensate their losses with new replacements, and follow strategic plans which allowed them in the past few years to take control of Baghdad as well as other areas one after the other. That is why every year is worse than the previous year as far as the Mujahidin’s control and influence over Baghdad. [Emphasis and Link Added]

So many scoffed at President Bush and all who pleaded 'Stay the Course,' begging perseverance. It appears that staying the course is bearing fruit, evidenced by the words of our enemy and the enemy of the Iraqi people.

Driving home, I rolled past a small car with an intriguing sticker on the rear of the vehicle. "Bring Them Home Now!" Surely she winced at the prominent Eagle, Globe & Anchor adorning my tailgate, eclipsing her yellow ribbon as I rumbled by.

I wish I could find her again and hand her a printed copy of Morrisey's effort and say "Bring This Home Now!"

She'd surely be quite receptive. She supports the troops, after all.