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Saudi Arabia Warns America

Saudi Arabia, the principal driver of Middle East Peace, has warned the United States against isolating Hamas.

U.S.-led efforts to isolate the Hamas-led Palestinian government could radicalize the Arab world's most educated population and increased contact could foster peace with Israel, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said on Wednesday.

Prince Saud al-Faisal said refusing to deal with Hamas and blocking pay for Palestinian doctors, teachers and engineers reflected a "twisted logic" that could alienate "the real supporters of the (Palestinian) peace movement."

That doesn't square much with this first-hand report that suggests quite the opposite among the Palestinian general population.

Islamic Jihad's terror campaign has deepened the sense of crisis inside the Palestinian territories, which have lost billions of dollars in Western aid since Hamas came to power. Nominally responsible for policing their former partners in terror, Hamas officials have instead applauded the bombings. Their statements have fueled suspicions that Hamas is using Islamic Jihad as a surrogate for killing Israelis, and made it even more unlikely that the international community will rescue the bankrupt government. Security forces and other civil servants have gone unpaid for two months; internal checkpoints, blockades, and Israeli raids in the West Bank continue. And that may explain why, despite Hamas's continued rhetorical support, the general public has begun to swing against Islamic Jihad and its suicide bombers.

Nevertheless, al-Faisal continued to press.

By denying pay for Palestinian professionals, "you're adding radicalism to the rank and file of these people and you are not harming the government," he said.

It most certainly is harming the Hamas-led government. Were it not, Hamas would not still be in the process of making the rounds throughout the region looking to replace the West's funds with Arab and Persian funds. For it's part, Saudi Arabia helps soften the blow al-Faisal denies is having any effect.

There is an elephant in the room, to be sure.

Since Saudi Arabia is committed to the Islamic political agenda, it should not surprise anyone that its pledges to the US contradict its real position regarding support for the Palestinian resistance and Hamas in particular. It has agreed to a large assistance package to the Palestinian Authority, which comes after the Arab League spearheaded the effort to unite the Arab world to fund Hamas under the banner of “saving the Palestinians”.

It does not take a rocket scientist to observe what Hamas does with the money it receives from Saudi Arabia and others who are quick to accuse the United States of "adding radicalism to the rank and file of these people" for their absent contributions.

The solution is not to channel funds to the Palestinians through non-governmental organizations, as the U.S., U.N., Europeans and Israel recently agreed to do. The solution is to continue to withhold funds until the Palestinians are compelled to sell their weapons, dissolve their militias and use international aid for the humanitarian assistance and economic development for which it was intended.

Bingo. With economic development, perhaps the Palestinian Territories and the Palestinians might actually become self-sufficient and not be forced to rely upon outside funds, including ironically those from her stated enemy, Israel.