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Rough Men and al-Zarqawi

There has been much discussion of Task Force 145 of late, and for good reason. TF 145 is the reason why Zarqawi is all alone as, quite possibly, the sole foreign terrorist in the al-Qaeda in Iraq leadership ranks.

Currently, TF 145 is divided into four sub units. Task Force West has several dozen commandoes from the U.S. Navy SEAL DevGroup, and a company of U.S. Army Rangers. Task Force Central has several dozen men from U.S. Army Delta Force and a company of Rangers. Task Force North has a about a dozen men from Delta Force, and a company of Rangers. Task Force Black has a few dozen SAS commandoes, with a company of British "Rangers" (the new Special Forces Support Group). TF 145 has a small headquarters element, plus a large intelligence operation, most of which is back in the United States, and connected in real time via satellite. There are also SOCOM helicopters and aircraft present.

The Strategy Page piece provides an excellent glimpse of the combined special forces task force.

"Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."