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RE: Badges

Steve links some of the commentary that has followed Amir Taheri's report in the National Post that Iran's Majlis has passed a law that would require Jews, Christians and Zorastrians to wear color coded identification stripes on their clothing. It's worth reading Taheri's report in full - 3 pages on the web.

The National Post reported that the Iranian embassy in Ottawa had denied that the law had been passed on Monday.

Whether or not it is true - it is believable and that alone is troubling. Should it be true - it is yet another sign of the consuming hatred the Iranian regime has for non-Muslims in general and specifically for the dreaded Jew. If confirmed it'll also be a test of our worlds ability to recognize and, if necessary, prevent the early steps toward pograms and all the potential horror that might follow.

We - or at least I - have grown weary of the near silence from Muslim leaders and political figures around the world who need to stand, speak, write, and scream out against Iran's yaumidden hungry and the terrorists we are fighting. If your faith means anything to you - as a Muslim - then your vocal denunciation of this and other forms of bigotry should be heard.


>>>>>> Whether or not it is true - it is believable and that alone is troubling. <<<<<<<<<

Have we not been lied to enough over nations in the Middle East?

>>>>>>>> and the terrorists we are fighting. <<<<<<<<<<

all the so-called terrorists in Iraq are people the rogue nation has attacked. Not one of them was concerned with terrorism before. The people and government of Iran have been absurdly neglectful as their neighbour has been smashed up.

The world stayed silent after Kristallnacht...the world remained silent when the Nazis created the Warsaw ghetto...and the world turned their eyes from the reality of the death camps.

SW - the world doesn't have a track record of being early or decisive against such movements. The optimist in me hopes that would be different now. Not that I believe it is or will be.