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Poland: Overlooked National Character

When recognizing our steadfast allies in the War on Terror, most tend to overlook the commitment demonstrated by Poland. This is regretable, and one retired submarine officer, Bubblehead, declares "The Stupid Shall Be Punished: I Won't Forget Poland." Nor should we.

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Poland quickly came to the aid of the United States by providing substantial military support for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. When the Iraqi front in the Global War on Terror was opened, Poland was there for us again. Their GROM special forces captured vital off-shore terminals in the war’s opening hours, and they performed many other missions that aren’t as well documented. (When I was working in the Coalition Coordination Center at US Central Command, my desk was next to the Special Forces Liaison. I obviously can’t pass on some of the stories I heard; I’ll just say that I’m glad the GROM is on our side.)

Thank you, Poland. Not for being our friend per se, but rather for the character demonstrated. Actions speak louder than words...even in Polish.


That's a very nice post about Poland and you are correct.

If you look at it closer Poland has a democratic tradition almost as old as U.S. Starting with the May 3 constitution from the 1791 the first in Europe and second only to the U.S. Constitution of this type in the world.

Poland also knows how important it is to be a friend an allay, in the time of war you really learn who are your true friends, that is the lesson that Poland learned herself during the Second World War. Also Poland remembers that out of all western countries only US was the main supporter of the democratic changes that took place in the late '80s. I guess at that time the big countries of the western Europe where afraid of rocking the boat too much and would do any thing to please the USSR.

The Poles are a people that you want on your side.They were the only ones to oppose Hitler from the start of WWII to the end. When their country fell they continued the fight on other European battlefields. And when the Soviets came with their communism they opposed that as well. The Poles may be romantics but they surely love liberty and they detest injustice. During the American Revolutionary War two Polish generals distinguished themselves in our fight for freedom along with other Poles who took part. Casimir Pulaski was the father of the American cavalry who gave his life at Savannah, GA. Thaddeus Kosciuszko, an engineer, fortified West Point and was instrumental at Saratoga (designing defenses). In the 1600's under Sobieski the Poles rescued Vienna from the Mongol hordes and thereby saved Europe. Later, in 1920 they stopped the Bolsheviks and their attempt to spread communism into western Europe. Going back to WWII, the Poles broke the German Enigma code. They also got hold of the infamous V-2 rocket and provided it to the allies. During the Battle of Britain, the Polish 303 squadron was the best, scoring the highest number of downed enemy planes.

Thank You for your testimony, it means alot to Poles, who feel often underappreciated.

I would like to add that in the recent killing of Al-Zarqawi, Poles also arrived on site, therefore most probably another key involvement of GROM units.