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Peace With North Korea?

The NYTimes reports that the Bush administration is considering entering into negotiations with North Korea to end the Korean War (56 years after it began and 53 after the armistice agreement). Robert Mayer, of Publius Pundit, says that it shouldn't come as a surprise and that it is part of a "new, huge diplomatic effort underway by the Bush administration in collaboration with other regional powers to show certain rogue regimes (i.e. North Korea & Iran) that they do not have to fear invasion."

Tony Snow, now White House Press Secretary, says that there isn't a change in policy and that "when North Korea comes back and participates in the six-party talks, then we can proceed."

The truth is probably a bit of each. The White House is considering peace negotiations with the DPRK. This would, of course, require some conditions be met. Those conditions being the same sets of conditions that have long been an issue - perhaps including the nuclear issue, although with less of a requirement that it be resolved and more of a sense of progress.

As to the grand new strategy, from my viewpoint it doesn't seem that there is a "new" strategy. We employ diplomacy first and foremost - until it fails - then and only then do we make war. But then, that's not exciting enough for the NYTimes to print.