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On Premature Haditha Presumptions


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Steve, I'm still trying to figure out how you can be trained to fight and win a war and let the enemy blow you up and hide behind their women and children. Now I guess the corps will take away kilo cos. weapons and ammunition so they can't cause any more trouble.

As I told you earlier, my nephew who from now on shall be known as junior, was on the radio at the side of the euphrates river that morning and he gave his commanders a blow by blow description of what he saw, and what he saw was combat up to and including the cowardly terrorists hiding behind their women and children. Then they took off in a taxi cab with 6 more terrorists which they blew away as it was speeding away. Junior was questioned even though his tape of the scene was there for the corps to listen to. I guess they wanted to know if his story would change.

3/1 and their companies are going through special sessions on how to behave when your being blown up. I can't believe that so called hardened marine generals would kowtow to the congress and the senate, and the civilians in the war department and the cabinet.

This is the same thing that happened in Korea, where we still don't have a peace, In viet nam where we never lost a battle or a fire fight, and the congress surrendered. In Desert storm where we destroyed the Iraqi army and then pulled out because it was costing the U.S. money. Why in God's name don't we just take it out of their oil.

As far as the U.S.troops in Iraq, either we are at war and in war you kill and destroy or we should bring home our troops and let their mullahs fight it out with their mouths and talk with their hands waving in front of them.

amen to the finest battalion of marines,the 3/1

bob hemmerle, the old trooper fro the 101st,