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Moussaoui Sentenced

After a fairly lengthy deliberation, the verdict is in - Life In Prison for the so-called 20th Hijacker. How long was this process for an individual who admitted his guilt? He said that he was Al Qaeda. General training for Al Qaeda terrorists is to deny everything - lie as much as possible. So how long will it take if a terrorist in custody does not admit his guilt? No one should wonder why an approach to terrorism using the legal system would be completely ineffectual and why Bush went with and is sticking with the Guantanamo Bay option.

Not much we can add beyond the consolidated coverage at HotAir. Most disconcerting is in the revelations from the jury survey - 9 jurors believed his childhood and his alleged mistreatment from his fathermitigated his actions? This is sorely reflective of today's blame society - it is someone else's fault. Until we can accept responsibility for our own actions, we will not hold others to that standard. And people who would be unrepentent murderers are found less than fully culpable. Have no doubt - Moussaoui made Moussaoui the man he is today. He is completely sane - the product of his own efforts to conform with an extremist Islamic ideology. He chose his friends and is loyal to them to this day. His friends are still out there, attacking the free world via the internet, via Islamization of Europe, via demands for "tolerance" of Islam, via their terrorists who will kill again and again.

The good news is that Moussaoui will never see a free sun again. The bad news is that all your taxpayer dollars spent to get us to this point are just the beginning. The 20th Hijacker will cost us greatly far into the future.