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Mexico's War on Drugs: A Solution

Or...Drug Wars, Mexican Style.

With deadly incursions by warring drug gangs along our southern borders, Mexico's engagement to curtail the illegal activities of cartels and traffickers is important. Mexico has solved the problem.

James G. Poulos brings the story. The Mexican solution: Make drug possession legal, and the illegal activity disappears.

Exhibit A -- the new bill intended to decriminalize drug possession on a sweeping scale. "Small amounts of drugs" may be had and indulged unpunished -- with two pounds of peyote qualifying as small. [....]

But this possibility, which was floated without embarrassment in my Criminal Law class, was also offered in lecture as an extremely weak justification for a correlated idea: the decriminalization of drugs like heroin and cocaine. Mexico in its infinite wisdom has neglected to draw the line -- whereas even strong supporters of soft drug legalization, who have had occasion to think through the issue properly, can understand that some drugs are so dangerous -- to the fabric of social and personal order -- that no amount of socioeconomic cost reduction is worth their decriminalization.

As Mexico devolves, illegal immigration of fleeing Mexicans will only increase. Legalization of possession of 2 pounds of peyote (among other drugs, such as cocaine and heroin) will only make the violence spilling over our borders more prevalent.

Security along our southern border with Mexico will only suffer.

America can only do so much to secure it (and we are hardly approaching that level). But the true long-term solution, as alluded to in the previous RapidRecon entry, lies beyond our border and beyond our sphere of direct influence.