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Hunt for Hizballah in New York

From the New York Post:

The FBI and Justice Department have launched urgent new probes in New York and other cities targeting members of the Lebanese terror group.

Law-enforcement and intelligence officials told The Post that about a dozen hard-core supporters of Hezbollah have been identified in recent weeks as operating in the New York area.

Sources said the activities of these New York-based operatives are being monitored by FBI counterterrorism agents as part of a nationwide effort to prevent a possible terror strike if the confrontation with Iran over its nuclear program spins out of control.

Additional law-enforcement attention is being centered on the Iranian Mission to the United Nations, where there have already been three episodes in the last four years in which diplomats and security guards have been expelled for casing and photographing New York City subways and other potential targets.

The article goes on to state that while there is no direct intelligence on an imminent attack, officials do say that they have "detected increased activity by Hezbollah operatives..."

Rather than be chided as alarmist, the counterterrorism actions should be lauded as good, vigilant and alert professionalism on behalf of those tasked with precisely that responsibility.