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How Spontaneous was Kabul 'Riot'?

Major John is among the astute observers noting interesting bits found within media reports that bring the 'spontaneity' of the riots into question.

One interesting note - the "protestors" seem to have a beef with the former King, of all people, as well as President Karzai.

Consider Bill Roggio's first unofficial e-mail dispatch from Afghanistan, via Instapundit:

But there is plenty to do in Kabul, and I've already dug around a little bit about the violence in the city yesterday after a US vehicle killed 1 to 3 Afghans during a traffic accident. The consensus among the folks I spoke to is the protests after the accident were staged by groups waiting for such an event to happen. I made the comparison to the reaction by some Islamist groups in Afghanistan (and elsewhere) after the Muhammad Cartoon riots, where the "spontaneous protests" were anything but. there was agreement on this point. I will likely post about this tonight or tomorrow.

Has any of the media spoken to these people before filing their reports? If it is indeed a consensus, its absence from the reportage is curious, to say the least.

Consider that Afghanistan's parliament now wants the U.S. troops prosecuted for the auto accident that is attributed to brake failure. If this is an orchestrated 'riot', it is having the desired effect.

This aspect must have both media and military investigative priority.

These men cannot be allowed to be prosecuted under an even bigger spectacle than the recent trial of the Afghani Christian convert. It was an accident.

The riot that ensued, however, was not. 20 dead, 160 wounded.

Who, precisely, is in trouble with the Afghan lawmakers?


An ex-military American working as a civilian said that he went to the US Embassy for an early lunch, and ended up in a bunker for five hours, not 90 minutes like reported. And from incoming reports the rioters weren't protesting or attacking the US Embassy, "they gutted the International Red Cross, Care and the Dutch Embassy." The fighting he felt was Afghani against Afghani. No one reported any anti-American protests to him in the Embassy, or after he left. He was surprised to hear from me that CNN and every other news agency was reporting the Death to America chants of a few protestors.

Not only are the riots planned but their spun! They're taking advantage of events like the tank accident and incorporating a media component. The rioters run to the nearest cameraman shout death to america and every agency in the world runs the story. It's a public relations coup!

Two days after the Kabul riot

Bill Roggio reporting from Kabul.

The violence was not Taliban-inspired, but composed mainly of Hazaris. The Haziris are an ethnic group that fought the Taliban under the banner of the Northern Alliance and followers of Ahmad Shah Masood , who was killed by al-Qaeda two days prior to 9-11. Masood's image is prevalent in Kabul. The Hazaris have recently been marginalized by the Karzai administration after they lost their last cabinet post. The rioters were largely young, unemployed males, and there was a significant criminal element involved.