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Fox News Covers MilBlogger Conference

In 'Milblogs' Present Iraq War From Military Point of View, Army Major Michael Lawhorn has written for Fox News on MilBlog Conference 2006 that took place in April in Washington, DC. His story is full of quotes from MilBlogger attendees and panelists, large and small, and is one of the more comprehensive looks at the people, events and tone of that day to be found.

Major Lawhorn is himself a MilBlogger and, as he let 'slip' in a conversation we had in DC, he is an Army PAO currently holding "the best job in the world" as he is on a one-year assignment to FoxNews to learn the media industry from the inside. (I think he refered to it as a 'dirty little secret' and feared the Army might find out just how much he enjoys the assignment.)

I have to concur with his assessment. Kudos to the Army for the forsight of the assignment and, as a veteran, many thanks to FoxNews for embracing the military and sharing of knowledge and skills.

Major Lawhorn can be found blogging at Kosovodad: Proud to be a Soldier.