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Badges For Jews in Iran

Discussion over the new Iranian Hitler-esque Jewish badge initiative is springing up. And you thought the call to have Israel 'wiped of the map' stirred up a storm...

MilBlogs: Is "Never Again" Too Inconvenient Today?

The Jawa Report: Iran to Mark Non-Muslims Clothing

Wizbang: Iranian Law: Non Muslims Must Wear Colored Badges

Israpundit: Iran Wants To Renew The Yellow Badge Enforced Under Islam and Nazis

Free Republic: Iran eyes badges for Jews

This will have very serious consequences for Iran by solidifying Western resolve, no matter how Iran tries to explain it away in the coming hours and days.

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I haven't seen this law, one iranian told me that the dress code is designed to identify minorities of all sorts, not just religious ones. Thus, Kurds, Baloch, Azeris, Ahwazis, etc., would be tagged...if there indeed is such a code.