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al-Qaeda: 3 Defeats and 4th Move

Somehow, I missed this Sunday. Be sure that you don't and read the whole thing.

In fact al Qaida has not managed a single victory anywhere on the planet. They have won some battles, but they have not won a single one of the wars they have chosen to fight.

Crosspatch takes a scenic tour from Somalia (above) to Afghanistan to Iraq. All of them violent and deadly scenarios of al Qaeda pushing the Caliphate upon chaotic states with weak central governments. All of them failures in their ultimate objective.

Where to now? Palestine. The financial troubles of Hamas appears to be placing the Palestinian territories in the state that al Qaida needs to begin to meddle. There is a weak central government and factions within the governed area in a struggle for control. The conditions are being set for another al Qaida interference operation in the Palestinian authority. Al Qaida now simply needs to spark civil war so it can come "riding to the rescue" in its mind ... but in reality "riding to defeat" if the past is any indication of the future.

So when you read NewsBriefs about al-Qaeda targeting Fatah leaders, pay close attention.