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Will Senate Go Softer on Hamas?

Judith Apter Klinghoffer wonders, Will the House Anti-Hamas Bill be watered down by the Senate? She says that today's approval by the House International Relations Committee of the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act is good news. But...what are the chances of it clearing Senate muster without being partially stripped?

Unfortunately, at least some of the teeth included in this act will be pulled out in the parallel Senate bill. For according to Tikkun email, S 2370 includes the following exceptions:
The President of the United States may "waive the limitation" for "administrative and personal security costs of the President of the Palestinian Authority to promote democracy and the rule of law if it in the US's national security interests.

There is the same exception as in the House bill for assistance for basic human needs such as those for food, water, medicine, or sanitation. It would make an additional exception for assistance to promote democracy: human rights, press freedom and non-violence

There is also no provision in S 2370 to withhold US United Nations dues proportional to UN assistance to the PA.

The UN exception is critical, especially when considering Europe's not unexpected wavering.

Hamas may well end up with more outside funding than the previous PA by year's end, with Europe potentially buckling, the UN persisting, Arab nations adding a trifle more and Iran bellying up to the Hamas table, funding Hamas in exchange for reciprocal influence and control.