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US to Fly Solo in War on Terror?

With Tony Blair's days coming to an end and Italy's Silvio Berlusconi trailing in the Italian polls, America could soon find itself without a significant European ally. Both men look to be replaced with men unfriendly to America. The American Thinker is not optimistic about the outlook.

In the relatively near future, then, we could have a situation where the governments of nearly all of Europe’s major powers – Great Britain, Italy, Spain, and France – are in the hands of leftwing politicians intrinsically unfriendly to the United States (I include Chirac among the left-wingers because that’s what he really is).

This would leave only Angela Merkel, the moderately right-of-center German Chancellor as America’s natural ally among the principal European players. Merkel’s position, however, is weak, leading as she is a fragile coalition with social democrats who hold eight seats in her sixteen-seat cabinet....

There is potential trouble brewing for the United States on the European horizon.

Solo is too strong a term. Australian Prime Minister Howard's victory is even more important today than it was the day he was re-elected. Canada's new leadership is very encouraging. And nations like Poland and others are still resolute. But Europe leaves little room for optimism.


Wondering about what would happen if Al Qaeda saves on cell phone bills by coding their activity to what response the American legal system takes against the insurgents captured and tried in the American Court system.

Hmmm...think Moussoui's sentence might get a response if he gets death over life imprisionment?

I think the Italian elections are quite important. Milan is practically a center of terrorism in Europe. There are networks that bring people from North Africa through Italy up into Europe, and so on. It wouldn't be a good sign if the Italian people flinch and send a message they want to step back from a tough stance on terrorism.