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US Army Recruiting: All You Need to Know

...is in a single Mudville Gazette post.

Washington Post story: "In March, the Army got 5,396 new recruits, topping its goal of 5,200, the 10th month in a row it has exceeded its monthly target."

Washington Post headline: Army recruiting below last year's levels

Greyhawk goes on at length detailing the good news about the Army's recruiting success (not to mention the character of our young men and women). His headline, unlike the Washington Post's, actually matches the piece: Recruit and Retain.

There is a dark side to recruiting, however, and it's not about falling "below last year's levels". It has nothing to do with 'numbers' and everything to do with anti-war activists on the college campus violently protesting recruiters at university job fairs.

Security Watchtower also has an excellent 10-month Overview on Military Recruiting. Put the Washington Post's translation down and go see the numbers for yourself, which include totals, goals and percentages for the branches from June 05 to March 06.

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Being a recruiter is a tough and often thankless job, but a critical component of the U.S. military and the defense of this country. I salute the recruiters who have strung together 10 solid months in a row now after a slump last spring. Good luck to all the new recruits and know that we support you and recognize your service to the country. The people that go after military recruiters are the bottom of the barrel in this country.