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Sustained Israeli Artillery Response Nets Gaza Plea

According to the Jerusalem Post, residents of northern Gaza have made an urgent appeal to the PA to stop the Kassam rocket attacks on Israel that are drawing the recent barrages of Israeli artillery fire in response.

In the wake of Israel's escalated response, Palestinians living in the northern Gaza Strip have appealed to the new Palestinian Authority government to take immediate action to prevent gunmen from firing Kassam rockets from their neighborhoods at Israel, a senior Hamas official said Tuesday.

He said the appeal was made in an urgent letter sent to PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh by scores of Palestinians living in Beit Lahiya, Beit Hanoun and other areas that have been targeted by Israeli artillery over the past few weeks.

"They are demanding that we issue instructions to the security forces to prevent the rocket attacks," the official told The Jerusalem Post. "But how can we stop the rockets when we don't have control over most of these forces?" he asked.

Chances are that we would have never heard of this had Mahmoud Abbas not taken control of the PA security forces, as Hanas uses the appeal now to deflect blame to Fatah and Abbas.

Of course, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades are a Fatah entity, responsible for many of the attacks. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking Hamas minds much what they are doing.


Seems to me it was Fatah saying the same thing when they were in power and Hamas was doing the attacking.

Yep. A role reversal, plain & simple. Though I hold the opinion that there are more reasonable Fatah members than there are in Hamas. To what degree is clearly debatable.