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Sunnis, Shias & Soviets

Over at OPFOR, Charlie takes a look at a new Mid East Order comprised of a rising Shia Crescent, a rising Sunni Crescent and old Soviet client states (Syria, Egypt and Algeria).

We all know main story of what’s going on in the Middle East, but I want analyze a possible new direction: a Shia Crescent rising, a Sunni Crescent rising, and the secular, Soviet client state’s desperate fight against a)America, b)Extremism, and c)Israel. Things are (have been/will be/always have been) getting worse, and things are reaching a boiling point. Countries are arming themselves to the teeth for what they see as a coming war, Imams are preaching, nuclear weapons are being pursued, and in the middle of it all, the US military, along with the national interest and any hope for peace in the region hangs precariously. Let’s break down what we know:

For that, you'll have to go read.