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Sneak Peek at IAEA Iran Report

With excellent sources, the good people at Vital Perspective are able to provide a sneak peek at the IAEA report on Iran, and it appears to be rather damning for Iran. [Note: This decidedly does not mean that anything concrete will come as a result.]

Vital Perspective noted an important segment of text which can be used to support the note above.

The report states that "gaps remain in the Agency's [IAEA] knowledge with respect to the scope and content of Iran's centrifuge programme. Because of this, and other gaps in the Agency's knowledge, including the role of the military in Iran's nuclear programme, the Agency is unable to make progress in its efforts to provide assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran."

This is nothing new from the IAEA. They have maintained this throughout the crisis. It should be noted that the IAEA solution has always been more talks on more inspections. Expect this 'solution' to reappear as the answer again, ultimately with the same result.

At some point, it must be publicly (or even privately?) acknowledged that the IAEA - or anyone else for that matter - will see precisely what Iran wants to show them. No more and no less.

Ultimately, this futile process must be abandoned.