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Proud Crusaders: Zawahiri Transcript

Evan Kohlmann has published the transcript of Zawahiri's latest message at the Counterterrorism Blog. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit is below:

"As for the second thing I wish to talk to you about, it is the dark fate towards which the traitor Musharraf is pushing Pakistan. Without a doubt, Pakistan is one of the most important of the countries targeted by this new colonialist Crusade which seeks to weaken Pakistan and fragment it into entities under the control of India, which is allied with the Americans and Jews."

al-Qaeda is calling for the overthrow of Musharraf. Not exactly news. We've been one bullet away from one less ally in the War on Terror since late 2001.

One thought echoed persistent while reading through Zawahiri's latest pearls of wisdom.

Why do Western analysts and media give any credence to or even repeat the folly put forth that America has declared War on Islam? Is there ever a communiqué, tape, video or text posting from our adversaries that does not mention, defame or threaten the evil 'Jews'?

Zawahiri names Americans, people of a specific nationality. He also names Jews...a people of a specific faith.

Often, the hatred and open warfare against this religious group is not even veiled thinly as to be referred to as 'Israel'.

And we are the crusaders?

Not hardly.