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Pro Cuba/Venezuela Rally Planning Meeting

On my Strategic Outlook Institute blog (in the before-time), I published a piece on a pro Cuba/Venezuela march to be conducted in D.C. on May 20th. Somebody at the University of Pittsburgh had posted many flyers conspicuously, inviting anyone interested to a planning meeting on April 27th. I surreptitiously observed the planning meeting that happened last night. Here's what I found.

These kids are harmless. There were six of them - three men and three women. They were individually unremarkable, probably not in the "popular" circles at their high schools, continuing this trend into college. I was never a fan of those circles myself, by the way. However, these youth are "socialists" only because it is a group they can relate to and be accepted whole-heartedly into. I will boldly state - we need kids like these, but please, allow me to explain.

The best lessons are ones learned first hand. How much do you really learn from a lecture? These kids are undoubtedly intelligent, but idealists. The freedoms that support their right to protest for a system that would not give them that freedom seems self explanatory. Yet it is not. Their only argument in support of socialism and Stalinist communism is that if they were under that utopian system, then there would be no need to protest. Reality says that no one ever agrees 100% with another. Without the right to protest, how could the chosen government understand what policies or programs are not acceptable to the people?

Sidenote: They used the Cartman (South Park) school of thought regarding getting people to attend the meeting - "free punch and pie." Although the pie was lacking, there were jugs of some beverage available for the attendees.

This group from the University of Pittsburgh will learn that lesson at some point in life. They will become born-again capitalists as they see the strength in the economic system and that a democratic government gave the economy the foundation from which to thrive. I understand that socialism is an economic system and communism is a political system, but this group is going to D.C. on May 20th to march in support of Venezuela and Cuba - they have chosen politics. The head of the planning committee, Ryan on the flyer, is also as I've discovered, is the leader of the Young Socialists. So the two are intertwined in this case.

The rights to free speech and to assemble are critical for our democracy to remain strong. This group is a testament to the strength of our system of liberties. They will not change anything with their protest, but they will also not be arrested for protesting peacefully or harassed in any way. Welcome to the free and protected society that you are not fully supporting. But if you feel there is an injustice, let your voice be heard!

And as the Geico commercial points out (from a caveman's perspective) - "Next time, do a little research." Venezuela has been hijacked by Hugo Chavez under the guise of a better life. He has taken power, limited democracy, and removed freedoms from the people. He is in power to stay. The people are gaining a new level of equality - they are all becoming equally poor, but above the poverty line (for Venezuela). That is the real-world result of Stalinist communism. Visit what was East Germany, go to Russia and get outside of Moscow - what you'll see is gray. Gray buildings and seemingly lifeless people. More than 15 years after the fall of Communism in Russia, they are still trying to dig themselves out of the gray lives that were created for them. Go to Cuba - you'll see much of the same.

This socialist students group needs to search for the truth. The U.S. has a responsibility to the world to keep everything working smoothly. If Venezuela halts oil sales to the U.S., it would affect the entire world. Yes, we like our lifestyles, but the rest of the world likes theirs, too. This group will eventually learn the right lessons the hard way and they will be harshly welcomed into the real world. We need these kids - they will be our strongest advocates once they have learned the truth.

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In March of this year I visited Cuba for a week. This was my second time to visit. Both times I traveled well outside of Havana and into the country. When you land in Havana it is like going back in time to 1959 Latin America. As you travel further into the country it is like going back to the early 1900s.

As you have said about East Germany looking so gray the whole country of Cuba needs a coat of paint and every car needs a muffler. What really stands out about Cuba is you have a very well educated populace that lives the life of lower, lower middle class Americans with the heavy hand of repression keeping them down both financially and spiritually. These young skulls full of mush need a trip to Cuba to see the ravages of 47 years of communism and to see the truth of how a socialist economic system works.

If you were wondering I went to Cuba legally on a US approved religious permit. While in Cuba I do not preach about the virtues of capitalism. There is no need to they already know.