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Peaceful Army Day in Iran

It's Army Day in Iran, and just in case there are any new superty-duper new weapons the IRGC Command forgot to roll out during the Persian Gulf Great Prophet dog & pony show, there's a parade to show & tell the latest Chinese/Russian technology. Meanwhile, the Ahmadinejad Stage Show continues as well, as he touts the peaceful nature of Iran's army, which is only logical. Since it was turned over to military control after Ahmadinejad's election, this explains why their nuclear program is 'peaceful', too.

"Islamic Republic of Iran's Army is today one of the most powerful armies of the world. The power, progress and development of the Iranian nation are dedicated to the service of human welfare and global peace and tranquility. The Islamic Republic of Iran is no threat to any nation," Ahmadinejad further declared.

Well, except for that one nation that should be "wiped off the map". But, then Israel "legally and legitimately has no right of existence", so it doesn't count.

What a great day of peace-loving Islamist advances. Iran (and its army) is now officially peaceful and Sami al-Arian is announced to soon be free to continue his generous work for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad charities.

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According to the latest debka posting, Russia is supplying materiel and technical help for a much larger uranium enrichment site than Natanz. Why would Russia want Iran to have nukes? Here's a guess: Russia knows that Iran is crazy enough to give it's nukes to terrorists for jihad and correctly figures that the USA will be the first target. Russia also knows that Iran will be destroyed afterwards - before the jihadists also use the nukes on Russia's infidel soil. I guess that makes Iranians into what the KGB called "useful idiots".

In the aftermath the USA is seriously hurt economically and a decade is used up rebulding our cities, a decade in which Russia can then hope to emerge as the leading superpower again.

What say ye?