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Not So 'Top Secret' Missile Tested by Iran

One more example of why the Iranian exercise is a Dog & Pony Show for the West and an IRGC Defense Trade Show for Iran: Iran Test-Fires 'Top Secret' Missile:

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran said Wednesday it has successfully test-fired a "top secret" missile, the third in a week, state-run television reported.

The report called the missile an "ultra-horizon" weapon and said it could be fired from all military helicopters and jet fighters.

If it's 'Top Secret', it isn't announced on State Television.

The details of Iranian harboring of and co-operation with al-Qaeda...now that's 'Top Secret'.

No matter how great this missile may or may not be, the fact that the platform that carries it has a post-take-off life expectancy of under twenty minutes in a conflict with American air power should put the latest paraded item into perspective.

They tell us about their 'Top Secret' conventional arms. Very mum about the details of their nuclear program.