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MilBlog Conference 2006: Streaming Video

I will be leaving shortly for the drive down to Washington DC for tomorrow's MilBlog Conference 2006, where I was invited to represent ThreatsWatch and participate as a panelist in the opening session, MilBlogs: Past, Present and Future, which will be moderated by Buzz Patterson.

The panelists for this session are extraordinary, ground-breaking, long-time MilBloggers who are held in the highest regard throughout the 'Blogosphere', not simply by other MilBloggers like myself and Marvin. Consider the importance and impact of the panelists (myself clearly excluded):

CJ from A Soldier's Perspective

Smash from The Indepundit

Matt from BlackFive

John Noonan from OpFor (Formerly The Officers Club)

The impact of these men and their blogs is clear. In ways they may not fully even appreciate, they have guided other MilBloggers just by setting clear examples for us all. Whatever the future holds for MilBloggers and MilBlogging, it will clearly bear the mark of their pioneering efforts, integrity and high standards.

If you care to follow the Conference, there will be a Live Video Feed available at the link below. (NOTE: The Video Link will not appear on the page below until about 8AM Saturday morning.)

Live Video Feed: MilBlogging Conference 2006

If I am to be able to join them tonight saluting the troops from Walter Reed at Fran O's, I had better pack up shop and get rolling.

Please be sure to stop by Andi's World as well and thank her for her truly monumental months-long effort to pull this conference together. It would not exist without her tireless persistence.


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It was great meeting you today on the panel. I hope you made/make it home safely.

I did not get a chance to say hello at the conference, but I wanted to say I very much appreciated your participation on the panel.