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Less is More: Iran's Information War (Games)

Via New Wars comes an outstanding article called The Iranians are upping the ante.

Oil money is financing Iran’s military build-up at an astounding rate. And their latest series of operations with paratroopers, warships, helicopters, interceptors and ground attack planes, and electronic countermeasures indicate this sophistication as no other activity can.

Iran is rapidly becoming the Middle Eastern power house with something that its larger neighbors - Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan — appear to lack, the will to fight.

The Iranians are also hoping that the credible lack of Western resolve can be further hindered by these war games and the revelations of new and more highly potent offensive weapon systems.

Iran may be coming to terms with the fact that the longer their 'war games' in the Gulf go on, the less effective they are psychologically on the West. The 'flying boat' was the tipping point.

As CDR Salamander said of the Iranian 'Stealth' flying boat, "I want the Iranians to build hundreds of these. Spend lots of money on them. Please. For the children."

Note with some distinction that the latest 'great leap' was called 'Top Secret' today, yet still covered by Iran's state media, albeit without the usual plethora of ominous detail present with the prior missile launches or the 'flying boat' debacle. As was seen with last Friday's speculation storm after the vague Iranian 'MIRV' announcement, the West's imagination can often be more imposing and effective in an information war than Iran's provided details.

Less is more.