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Lavizan: On ElBaredei's Iran Itinerary?

From the Arms Control Association, a Fact Sheet titled Unresolved IAEA Questions Regarding Iran's Nuclear Program. An intersting portion dealing with the razed Lavizan facility:

Iran razed the site in late 2003 and early 2004 - a move that raised suspicions that Tehran might be trying to cover up evidence of undeclared nuclear activities. However, ElBaradei reported in September that Iran provided information consistent with the government's explanation for this action.Lavizan Before & After

ElBaradei reported in November that the IAEA wishes to take samples from a trailer that had been located at the site and contained dual-use nuclear equipment. The agency also wants to interview Iranian officials who had been involved in the center's efforts to obtain equipment related to uranium enrichment, he reported.

According to Heinonen, Iran provided IAEA inspectors with some previously-requested information Jan. 26 regarding Tehran's efforts to acquire equipment with potential uranium enrichment applications. The inspectors, however were not allowed to interview a key official involved in these procurement efforts.

Iran did provide the IAEA with information regarding other dual-use acquisition efforts and allowed the inspectors to take environmental samples of some dual-use equipment, Heinonen reported. The report says nothing about the trailer discussed in ElBaradei's report, however.

The IAEA learns of the site. Iran razes the site (including trees). ElBaredei questions the facility on paper. Iran explains on paper. ElBaredei accepts on paper. ElBaredei requests inspection on paper. Iran ignores altogether. The End.

The document is a pretty good summation of the outstanding issues between the IAEA and Iran. Not sure, though, what the Vegas line is on ElBaredei actually satisfactorily resolving any of them with his reported trip to Tehran next week. The over-under should start at 'Zero'.