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Kinder, Gentler Marines

Between Craig's Chernobyl Remembered and my own Stolen Honor Reclaimed, has anyone ever heard of more Marines crying? I mean really, this is not good for our image or testosterone levels, though former President George H. W. Bush may be proud of the kinder, gentler Marines.

So long as no one tells Captain B or Taco, I think we'll be alright. B's a man's man and Taco is like his alter ego. Taco lacks for nothing manly, mind you. But, after sitting with them for lunch Saturday, it occurred to me that these two friends have different approaches to problem solving. Captain B's likely to unscrew your head while Taco is likely to negotiate a 'fair' settlement (Marine style of course), both arriving at the same ultimate final resolution.

I think it's time to refocus on Iran ASAP. All of this commentary is devastating to our image and my own ego. I prefer to keep the knuckle-dragging illiterate persona astutely noted by John of OpFor. This introspective sensitivity nonsense just has to stop.

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I could not agree more with Steve. Marines are burly, yet sensitive only in the 1990's. This is the 21st Century man! Get a grip and show me your war-face! Just the other day I was running with scissors. Give me a manly oorah!